Tips For Choosing the Right Garage Door

Are you looking for a Garage Door installation company? Well, you need to find a garage door that makes you happy before you find a company. Finding a garage door is tricky. It is not everyday you go looking for it. Hence, we don’t know what to look for while buying one.

So we are going to tell you some factors that must influence your choice while buying a new door.


If you have a beautiful house, then you need to have a garage door that compliments it. Don’t just go for any ordinary design. Make a choice keeping in mind the architecture of your house. Not only the design, but the color too should be in sync with your house.


The garage door is probably the largest moving object in your house. Hence you would want it to be completely safe with negligible Garage Door Repair required.

.  Pinch resistant doors : They keep your fingers safe if they are placed to close to the door by accident.

.  Polyurethane Insulation : This kind of insulation provides increased security by decreasing the quantity of flames and smokes if a fire breaks out. It also helps in cutting down noise from outside and makes it function quietly.

.  Tamper Resistant Bottom Brackets : They decrease the chances of getting injured from the components of garage door under tension.



Since garages are also used as work place or for social gatherings, insulation of garage door becomes valuable. Insulated garage doors provide efficient cost saving and comfort. Insulation makes the door astonishingly strong and helps to decrease its operational noise.


Most doors offer a warranty period of one year. However, there are a some manufacturers that provide a warranty of 10 years to a lifetime. Warranty is all about peace of mind and a long warranty period shows the confidence a manufacturer has in his product.


All of us shop with a budget in mind. People tend to estimate the cost of a garage door twice its original price. What you need to keep in mind is that the purchase of a new door should last a long time. In order for that to happen shelling out a few extra dollars should not dishearten you. They will give you benefit for a life time and will also add to the value of your house.

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My Garage Door Opener is Not Working

Is your garage door opener not working? Are you pushing the button but nothing is happening? You may be able to identify the problems on your own without calling the garage door repair service. Below are the tips for diagnosing the opener issues without the help of a professional.

Check Sensors: Safety sensors prevent an overhead door from opening and/or closing when an object is detected in the way of the sensor beam. These sensors perform a crucial job to prevent a potentially hazardous event. Make sure the beam is not blocked. Garage door sensors may also accumulate dirt and may need to be wiped off. They may also lose their alignment which might need to be fixed by a garage door repair opener expert.

Check Operators– It might sound simple, but there are times when the battery may have died in your car remote and you may able to activate your overhead door from the wall unit. If you notice any strange flashes in your car remote, it might be indicating a diagnostic code which can be deciphered using the instruction manual.


Check the Batteries– While it is easy to change the car remote batteries, in few cases; you may find that your remote is functioning fine, but the wall unit has stopped working. Check the source of power for your door opener unit to see if it is battery powered too.

Check Fuses– Your home’s electrical source powers your overhead door opener. Make sure the electrical breaker has not tripped. If the breaker trips even after it has been re-set, call a garage door repair service right away.

If nothing else works, you may have troubles with your overhead door hardware or the opener system itself. It’s always best to call a professional to diagnose the system.

Remember, if nothing works, you can always pull the emergency release handle to open and close your garage door manually.

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5 Proven Tips For Your Greener Garage Door

A good apprehension and conscious efforts are required to make your garage door energy efficient. To enhance the green energy effect, you will need to make a sincere attempt to manage the heat losses in your home. Hazardous materials should not be left to spoil in the garage due to the health safety concerns. In such cases, deadly virus can easily manage to enter your home through the conduits attached with the home and can pose a severe health threat to your pets. Therefore, it becomes the duty of a homeowner to prevent infestation by regular cleaning and preventive measures.

Discourage yourself to use your barn as a storage space. A good reason is that it invites pest and carry a serious health hazard. The junk accumulation over time makes one difficult to locate the things if aren’t mentioned or labeled properly. A sincere leap towards a green garage concept, helps homeowners for safer space with reduced energy bills. Seeing so many benefits, who would not like to turn their place into a safe place?

Tips For Enhancing Green Energy

1. Switch To LED Bulbs

Prefer using LED bulbs over incandescent lights. This will minimize the energy usage in your parking lot. In addition, it will provide the sufficient light to work safely.

2. Insulate Your Overhead Door

Consider using insulation on the flimsy overhead doors. This will promote the greenhouse effect within the space and leaves a positive impact on your home atmosphere as well. However, sufficient care must be taken while choosing an insulation covering with a good R-value. Doing so, can help you prevent outdoor air to break-in your garage, thus, reducing the heat losses.

Don’t forget to check for any window air leaks or cracks. Immediately, seal the cracks as soon as you find any.

Green Energy Garage Door Repair

3. Install An Exhaust Fan

A ventilation fan becomes a dire need if the garage door is congested. Occasionally, you may also leave fans in running condition for sometime which helps clear fumes produced in the parking space.

4. Safely Deal With Hazardous Materials

Consider removing the hazardous material from the garage to avoid any respiratory troubles. Keep garage clean by moving these materials to a specific shed, made strictly for that purpose. Wipe out any food spills immediately. Practice eco-friendly techniques to avoid any health issues.

5. Conserve Water for Future Use

Make an arrangement to store the rain water in order to utilize it for washing cars or watering lawns. Work out on the effective ways to steer the water from the roof into the tank, from where you can use it for future purposes.

Green energy efficient garage spaces can greatly aid to increase the comfort of your family. This is the perfect way to reduce the carbon footprint and provides you with the opportunity to create an eco-friendly environment.

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How Can I Prepare My Garage Door for Natural Disasters?

Are you wondering what are the best possible ways to prepare your overhead door for the natural disasters occurring in the city? The professionals at Garage Door Repair Canada have the answers.  Depending on the potential disaster, there are many different approaches for preparing your door.

From hailstorms, earthquakes to hurricanes, natural phenomenons make it necessary to plan ahead of time. It is important to have a knowledge about your local atmosphere, weather and geographical topography to make the best preparation. Additionally, you need to have an understanding of the working of your garage door and its parts. Here is a guide from professionals from Garage Door Repair Canada to help you tighten your seat belts for the worst:

How to Prevent Garage Doors from Natural Disasters

The overhead door have many parts that are vulnerable to damage from natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, torrential rains, etc. The parts of the door such as spring, panels, opener, tracks, and chains are crucial components, the damage to which can stop your door from working.

windload damage hurricane

.  Shield all the crucial parts with protective cover.

.  For moving parts such as chains or tracks, use cardboard panels or clothing to keep the parts firm in one place. During a hurricane or a storm, flying parts can cause damage to your home’s architecture.

.  Thoroughly inspect all of the parts for cracks that may be more vulnerable to damage. These parts suffer the highest damage in disasters like an earthquake.

.  Do not store the disaster supply in the garage. If the door gets faulty during the calamity, it can make the kit inaccessible.

.  Check the door for balance. Unbalanced garage doors can sway in strong winds causing severe damage to the nearby parts attached to the door.

.  Make sure that the door’s cables are firmly attached to the springs. The loose connections cause the door to swing open.

.  Replace the worn out springs immediately. Look for uneven gaps in coils,  bents or nicks.

.  Lubricate all the moving parts except for the belt of the opener.

.  Consider installing fire-resistant door panels that provide good resistance to flames.

.  After a storm, look for damage and undertake necessary repairs. Delaying the repairs can cause irreversible damage to the components.

Undertake Timely Servicing and Maintenance

Hire professionals at Garage Door Repair Canada to get servicing done in a timely manner. Regular maintenance is crucial in making the door cope better with impending disasters. We provide high quality door parts and install doors that are suitable to the city’s changing weather.

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How Will I Know If My Garage Door Needs Replacement or Not?

If you are unsure whether or not your overhead door needs a replacement, the professionals at Garage door repair Canada are here to guide you:

Does Your Garage Door Need a Makeover?

If your door has dents, it is faded or the paint is peeling, then it may be asking you for a makeover. It is one of those components in your home that requires regular maintenance. You do not want your door to stop working, keeping you stuck outside. Avoid this situation by calling a professional company dealing with garage door repair Canada for a free estimate on repair versus replacement. You’ll be glad you took this step.

Do You Want to Sell Your Home?

One of the primary things that a real estate agent will advise you is to update your home. We recommend replacing your overhead door especially if it has anything common with our first example. Most doors face the road and are at least 40% responsible for your homes curb appeal. Call a garage door company for a free estimate on a solution that fits your budget.

garage door replacement

Are you looking for Home Improvements?

If today’s real estate market isn’t allowing you to buy a new house, then consider enhancing the value of your existing one. As mentioned in #2, replacing your overhead door is a great home improvement project. The companies are offering great selection from contemporary to courtyard style, different color palettes and faux finishes. The material choices range from wood, steel, aluminum to fiberglass… each with their own unique advantages. Visit a showroom to learn even more.

Home Safety

You probably never thought your garage door as part of the solution for home safety. Most homeowners take this component for granted – press a button it opens, press a button it closes, no problem there! As mentioned in point #1 this isn’t true, your door requires regular maintenance. A planned maintenance program should be on the top of your checklist to prolong the safe operation of your existing overhead door and door opener.

Home Security

Your door is a part of your home’s main entrances, and every homeowner wants to prevent unwanted intrusion. These days remote controls come with millions of codes that change every time you press the button preventing any chances of theft of the signal. If the age of your garage door opener is more than 10 years, check the latest advancements by contacting your local garage door repairman.

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What is Causing My Garage Door Springs To Break? Learn Essential Tips for Homeowners

If you are wondering what is causing your overhead door’s springs to break, the professionals at Garage door repair Canada think they know why.

Garage Doors are a lot like aging Canadians. Age makes the movement troublesome and cold affects the people as they get older. Lets have a look at the factors that cause your door’s spring(s) to break.


The torsion springs in the modern garage door offer over 90% of the lift needed to raise an overhead door so they are crucial part of the operation and just like a human body; torsion springs wear out over time. You must be thinking how to determine the life of your door’s spring. Well, it depends on how often the door is being used.  An average door opens and closes 3 to 5 times a day, then accordingly they should last between 5 and 10 years. But, if you have a big family or simply an over-active teenager, your torsion springs may not last very long.


Rust is another major cause of failure in the garage door springs, particularly in humid climates. Rust buildup increases coil friction on the moving spring and then there is a corrosive damage caused by rust itself – now you know why your door suffered an early torsion spring failure. A simple preventive maintenance is enough to prevent rust from occurring and increasing the life of your door springs. In every 3 months, spray a light silicone on  the spring to keep it lubricated and prevent harmful rust buildup.

Broken Garage Door Spring


When the weather gets cold, it feels the world has stopped. Our bodies get stiff and we move slower. So does steel. The garage door torsion springs are made of steel, coiled under great pressure in your cold garage. That bang you heard …. yep! That is your spring(s) breaking!

What can I do?

At “Portes Garage Door Repair“, the professionals dealing with garage door repair Canada have addressed these kinds of  issues with superior design and construction. We have heavy-duty springs that have an increased life expectancy as compared to standard springs. We also perform maintenance checks on your garage door springs to eliminate rust and make necessary lubrication. Save on the difficulty and inconvenience of having to replace your worn out springs time and time again, as well as the more frequent service calls to your garage door company. Get springs installed from us and you’ll never regret your decision. Visit us to learn more information.

Why is My Garage Door Making A Noise? Know How to Repair Garage Door At Home

Is your overhead door making weird, annoying noises? Are you concerned that someday it will be trapped and not open at all? The professionals at Garage Door Repair Canada often hear stories from the residents related to the issues with their door opener.

It is very ‘CRUCIAL’ to make the homeowners aware about both replacement and repair, so they end up making a smart choice. Whether you need to get your entire door repaired, or just your door opener or simply require a new quiet opener installed, here is a guide to help you make quick and easy fixes for that noisy door and opener system.

Garage Door Openers

Regular Maintenance. Whenever there is a weird noise coming from your automatic door opener system, it is important to get the unit inspected by a professional. Regular maintenance will keep your garage door opener Canada run efficiently and quietly. There are many adjustments and lubrication points that you as a homeowner are unaware of. Gears and sprockets tend to wear over time causing noise. An out of adjustment opener chain also creates some noise issues.

New Quiet Garage Door Openers. If your door opener is older than 15 years, then it may be lacking safety sensors and rolling code technology. It is recommend to completely replace the older units as there have been many enhancements in technical and safety features of opener systems. Moreover, the repair cost and lack of availability of the dated parts is more as compared professionally installed new units that come with a full local warranty.

Garage Door Opener and Remote

It is recommended to replace opener with a new one having DC motor system that is known for its quiet and smooth operation. A belt drive opener is recommended if you have a bedroom located above your garage or have to use garage more frequently. The powerful DC motor is far quieter than the older powered units. The latest automatic opener systems available at companies dealing with garage door repair Canada are designed to deliver great performance for years and also come with the industry’s best warranty. If you want to get rid of noisy overhead door, consider replacing its opener.

Rollers, Springs Hinges & Bearings

Other causes of a noisy garage doors can be worn rollers, loose hardware or broken hinges. As a homeowner you can fix this issue by tightening all nuts and bolts on your door, inspect for worn parts such as rollers and hinges, and lubricate the roller bearings, hinges, and springs.

Portes Garage Door Repairs” provides repair and installation solution for residential and commercial doors.To know more about regular maintenance and servicing a noisy overhead door, contact us the professionals at Garage Door Repair Canada.

How To Find The Right Garage Door For Your Home

If you are wondering how to find the right overhead door for your home, the professionals at Garage Door Repair Canada have the right answers. Be sure to keep the following points in mind:

How much does it cost? First determine the size of the door you want. Plan a budget and find an online shop in Canada that deals with the door style, construction & accessories. You can also visit their showroom to view samples. Most garage door companies in your city will provide free quotations and visit your home before ordering.

How long does it take? If you are ordering a customized product, the delivery can take about 3 to 5 weeks. A product with standard design & size is usually in stock and can be scheduled in 1 to 2 weeks. The installation normally takes 6 to 8 hours. Call your overhead door company in Canada for inventory & scheduling details.

Does it come with a warranty? Yes. Basically, depends upon the manufacturer, product and the environment. Make sure to ask if the company gives warranty on the installation. Contact your local garage door repairman for specific information.

Can I install it myself? It is not at all advised to consider the installation as Do-It-Yourself project – it can be very dangerous. But if you are adept in the use of tools, have carpentry experience & mechanical know-how, and will follow the manufacturers instructions, then you may try it. However, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional overhead door company.

Can I paint it? Of course. It is best to paint the door prior to installation to gain the best coverage and appearance. Remember every manufacturer has different painting instructions.

Will my door require any maintenance? Your door adds value to your home both inside and out. Just like your car or washing machine, your garage door also has numerous moving parts and electronics that need regular maintenance to promote reliability and extended life. Regular Maintenance Program is optimal to protect your investment & safety.

Will you service the door in case of a fault? All professional companies dealing with garage door repair Canada service the products they sell. They also service other brands and offer a 24-hour emergency service.

Will my old operating system work with the new door? It is important to determine how old is your garage door opener. If manufactured before 1993, it is highly recommended to replace it because the replacement parts are usually not available.

Portes Garage Door RepairFeel free to contact the professionals at garage door repair Canada about the door that will best fit your home and lifestyle.

Garage Door Repair Canada – Give Your Door A Complete Makeover

Garage door has become an integral part of every house in the last many years, especially in residential areas of Canada. Companies dealing with Garage Door Repair Canada are booming mainly due to the importance of this home’s component in adding a curb appeal to your property.

Giving your door a makeover can add a good amount of style and value to your home. The abuse from the nature, human use and weather conditions in Canada often damages these doors, making them look dull and faded. Garage Door Repair has some cool tips that can help you give your door a classy and distinguished look. Make your home stand out in the neighborhood with these simple yet cool enhancements.

Wear Your Creative Hat On

A coat of paint is one of the most easiest and simplest ways to enhance any exterior. Use the colors that complement your home. See your garage door as a huge blank canvas exterior and get creative. You don’t need to be an artist. If you are too busy to paint, hire a painting contractor or a local artist. If you are a business-owner, you can paint your company’s logo or advertising slogan on your door. Be sure to use the right primer and paint.

Let there be light

Consider replacing a section of your door with windows. There are variety of styles to choose from and they are a perfect way to bring new life to your garage door. You can also install different colored lights on the exterior of your door to brighten up the area.

Makeover Garage Door


Enhance that old wooden garage door with decorative handles and hinges. New hardware can give the upward lifting doors the appearance of the swing out style. Choose the ones which complement with the look of your home. Contact a company dealing with Garage Door Repair Canada to know more about hardware in various styles, finishes and prices.

A trick of the eye

Stand out in your neighborhood with a cool mural for your residential overhead door that adheres to it. You can apply these murals using an specifically formulated adhesive in the same way as you’ll apply wallpaper on the exterior surfaces. If speeding trains or giant dinosaurs aren’t your thing, you can also get the look if a top-notch wood or carriage style door using these murals.

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How To Improve Garage Door Safety with Simple Tips

Many of us Canadians keep our garage door remote in our cars for easy access, but if we forget locking our car at night, it can give criminals an easy access. Be Safe. Be Proactive. Buy only the best technology from companies dealing with Garage Door Repair Canada.

Once a criminal has an access to your overhead door remote, they can easily get into your garage and even your home. Therefore, it is important to be a extra careful to protect yourself, your property, and most importantly, your family.

If your existing garage door opener Canada was made in the 90’s, it is highly recommended to update the older model to a newer one. Most manufacturers in the country have discontinued older units making it difficult and expensive to find the parts.

Safety TipsThe modern doors have motors that come with safety features such as rolling code technology that makes it impossible for others to copy and use the frequency of your remote control. New openers also come with a “Vacation Switch” lock that disables remote access when activated, keeping your home protected even if you are away. If buying a new motor isn’t budget-friendly right now, follow these simple to tips to enhance the safety of your garage door.

.  Before leaving your car in your parking lot or driveway, make sure it is locked. Set the alarm if you have one.
.  Never keep your overhead door remote in the open. If you keep the remote in your car at night, put them in a compartment which is not visible to a passersby.
.  If you have a garage that is attached to your home, keep all the interiors locked that lead into the house.
.  Even if you park your car in the garage, never leave the keys inside.
.  Do not forget to lock your garage door in the night. A simple interior or exterior lock can be purchased from a company dealing with Garage door Repair Canada.
.  When leaving your home for a long time, always remember to lock the overhead door & set the vacation lock switch on. If possible, unplug the garage door opener.
.  Never keep your garage door open when you are not there. It will give a visual access to valuables that might be kept inside.
.  When buying a new door, consider a solid garage door with no windows. If you would like to have daylight in the garage, get the windows installed in the top section to make the interior less.
.  Never share your security code with anyone.
.  Install a spotlight or a motion sensing light in exterior of your garage.
.  Have an alarm system for your garage.

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