Tips For Choosing the Right Garage Door

Are you looking for a Garage Door installation company? Well, you need to find a garage door that makes you happy before you find a company. Finding a garage door is tricky. It is not everyday you go looking for it. Hence, we don’t know what to look for while buying one.

So we are going to tell you some factors that must influence your choice while buying a new door.


If you have a beautiful house, then you need to have a garage door that compliments it. Don’t just go for any ordinary design. Make a choice keeping in mind the architecture of your house. Not only the design, but the color too should be in sync with your house.


The garage door is probably the largest moving object in your house. Hence you would want it to be completely safe with negligible Garage Door Repair required.

.  Pinch resistant doors : They keep your fingers safe if they are placed to close to the door by accident.

.  Polyurethane Insulation : This kind of insulation provides increased security by decreasing the quantity of flames and smokes if a fire breaks out. It also helps in cutting down noise from outside and makes it function quietly.

.  Tamper Resistant Bottom Brackets : They decrease the chances of getting injured from the components of garage door under tension.



Since garages are also used as work place or for social gatherings, insulation of garage door becomes valuable. Insulated garage doors provide efficient cost saving and comfort. Insulation makes the door astonishingly strong and helps to decrease its operational noise.


Most doors offer a warranty period of one year. However, there are a some manufacturers that provide a warranty of 10 years to a lifetime. Warranty is all about peace of mind and a long warranty period shows the confidence a manufacturer has in his product.


All of us shop with a budget in mind. People tend to estimate the cost of a garage door twice its original price. What you need to keep in mind is that the purchase of a new door should last a long time. In order for that to happen shelling out a few extra dollars should not dishearten you. They will give you benefit for a life time and will also add to the value of your house.

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My Garage Door Opener is Not Working

Is your garage door opener not working? Are you pushing the button but nothing is happening? You may be able to identify the problems on your own without calling the garage door repair service. Below are the tips for diagnosing the opener issues without the help of a professional.

Check Sensors: Safety sensors prevent an overhead door from opening and/or closing when an object is detected in the way of the sensor beam. These sensors perform a crucial job to prevent a potentially hazardous event. Make sure the beam is not blocked. Garage door sensors may also accumulate dirt and may need to be wiped off. They may also lose their alignment which might need to be fixed by a garage door repair opener expert.

Check Operators– It might sound simple, but there are times when the battery may have died in your car remote and you may able to activate your overhead door from the wall unit. If you notice any strange flashes in your car remote, it might be indicating a diagnostic code which can be deciphered using the instruction manual.


Check the Batteries– While it is easy to change the car remote batteries, in few cases; you may find that your remote is functioning fine, but the wall unit has stopped working. Check the source of power for your door opener unit to see if it is battery powered too.

Check Fuses– Your home’s electrical source powers your overhead door opener. Make sure the electrical breaker has not tripped. If the breaker trips even after it has been re-set, call a garage door repair service right away.

If nothing else works, you may have troubles with your overhead door hardware or the opener system itself. It’s always best to call a professional to diagnose the system.

Remember, if nothing works, you can always pull the emergency release handle to open and close your garage door manually.

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How To Address Most Common Garage Door Problems

People who’ve been looking for a professional garage door repair company in Toronto, or merely need a service for their door, there are various alternates open for them. But there are a few common overhead door problems, that most of the Canadians face. Another daunting thing is arrived that how they can address the issues before a garage door repair company is needed?

Here outlined some of the common garage door issues below, and expected troubleshooting as well.

1) The door opener: Some basic garage door problem begins with the door opener. This is one of the most temperamental parts of any overhead door. Just remember, if the garage door opener is not working properly, check itself, whether the motor’s unit is plugged in or not, or inspect the circuit breaker or fuse-box.

2) Garage remote: If the remote won’t operate the garage door, then it’s most likely that you might be out of range or may battery needed to be changed. So just check on the antenna of the overhead door motor or replace the battery on the remote or failing that, then reprogram the settings of remote and reset it.

Common Garage Door Problem

If the motor keeps going after opening the door, that’s most probably because the line switch has to be shifted away from the motor unit itself.

Other common overhead door repair problems are;

3) Side-to-side door moves or opens unevenly: This is the one common problem that most of the home owners face. But fixing and eliminating the debris that you may notice in the overhead door tracks itself are the best methods to enhance the life of your door. Be sure clean it first and then clear all loose dirt. The garage door falling is the most dangerous one to solve the case quickly. These need to be assessed separately, but precautions should be utilized. You can say that this is the most potential life-threatening overhead door incident. This problem can cause various other issues, such as damaged springs, or snapped cable.

When your garage door is in a safe position (i.e. closed), you should check out all the door parts to ascertain what’s wrong. Make sure not to replace the components like a spring or cable by yourself. In this situation, always hire a qualified garage door repair company in Toronto. If there is just crazy-loud noise that emanate from the door while it opens, it may be a lack of lubrication. So you should apply the any standard lubricant oil to the garage door, and run it up and down manually in order to see if the sound persists. If your problem is not solved and none of this works, call an experienced garage door repair service in Toronto for a fuss-free and fast service.

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Is Your Toronto Overhead Door Hurricane Ready?

If you are the resident of Toronto, you must experience the wrath of serious hurricanes here. Torontonians are well known about the damages that these storms can bring. So, remove the unnecessary worry, when the hurricane approaches, just start preparing your family and home, especially the garage door for the brutal storms. Read some essential pointers below that helps make your overhead door stronger and even more ready to handle the hurricanes for many years to come.

Here are a few things that you need to consider for your garage door before a hurricane threatens your area.

Replace your aged door: Older garage door model may not have come certified for the intense wind loads connected with hurricanes. But newer model is produced by latest updated standards to account for the powerful winds that hurricanes can produce. You can also take the expert advice, if you’re not sure about your garage door model that it passes hurricane standards or not. The good technician can identify and offer some valuable suggestions to protect your door for possible upcoming storms.

Overhead Garage Doors

Repair your garage door now: If your door is not closing properly or squeaking, “NOW” is the time to hire a professional expert. If you do not take any action against these slightly damaged doors through an intense storm, then after sometimes it can lead to irreparable damage to the door. Even the strongest door diminished by being a slightly off track or by a broken spring. You should understand that small damages that can force you to replace the garage door completely after a hurricane. So avoid spending big bucks, keep your door in good working order. However, it is strong enough that allow standing whatever a hurricane throws.

Inspect your facility fully: Despite your best efforts, If you are not able to protect your property fully from weather extremes, then personal examination can help you in this situation. You can use your own skills to detect the potential flaws to protect your equipment if hurricane manages to cause internal damage. Also, call a professional inspector because they are more abreast with door codes and procedures.

As hurricane is in the midst of the season here in Toronto right now.  So do your utmost to prepare your property against heavy winds. If you’re not confident about the quality of your door, then call a pro before storm hits.

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