Why My Garage Door Won’t go down? Tricky Questions Answered by Garage Door Repair Mississauga Pros

A very common question is “How do I get my garage door opener to start working again?”  Local residents often look for help from Garage Door Repair Mississauga but before calling a professional, homeowners can follow these useful steps when they have in their mind “how to fix overhead door at home.” The city’s changing temperatures that could cause the overhead door to malfunction during certain seasons of the year.

Photo-eye sensors – Your Door’s Mechanical Eyes

When it comes to overhead doors, one of the most common problems homeowners face in Mississauga is photo-eye sensor related. You may be asking what are the photo-eye sensors? In simple words they are two “eyes” located on the bottom of your door. One device shoots an invisible beam that points into the optical receiver to the opposite side of that opening. These devices are helpful in preventing your child, pet or a careless driver from being crushed by the door in operation and become active when anything creates an obstruction. Whenever there is an obstruction, it breaks the circuit which tells the operator that the garage door is not closing or that it must roll back up to prevent damage to the obstruction.

Side-by-side Comparison of Garage Door Models Reveals Differences

If you are thinking, how to measure torsion springs, then it is best o consult the pros. Professionals who do repair of all types of garage door issues such as off-track doors, broken springs and cables, often suggest some simple DIY tips to ensure proper maintenance. Jammed doors and replacement panels often lead to ineffective operation.

broken_garageCarriage style design doors and French style doors also create problems if the tracks are not well lubricated. Those who install industrial garage doors for commercial purposes often face this task of lubrication since height of installation is more. Commercial steel doors and rolling steel garage doors are often affected. Jackshaft openers, hoist openers and chain drive openers provide adequate time for annual delay in any maintenance on part of the owner. Some of the major brands customers can choose from includes LiftMaster, Genie, CHI, Wayne Dalton and more.

For solving this problem, you have to locate the two photo-eye sensor devices, then check if each one has a working LED light. You may notice that one is lit and the other one is off. Now what does this possibly mean? It means you try adjusting the sensor height by moving it with using your hands as it may have lost its direct alignment. They may have lost their alignment with the vibration of the door over time. Moving the sensor should make the light go from off to bold. Try running the door and it should very well work! The other problem with sensors is that they often catch dirt. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you vacuumed your garage and made your sensor lenses clean? If aligning the sensors did not help, make sure the lenses are free of any dirt. If you are still facing problems, check the wires to make sure they are not pinched, ripped or clipped. Fixing a wire is something most people can perform.

Hope these DIY methods have solved the question “why my garage door opener will not go down?”

Still not fixed?

If all the above D-I-Y methods have failed, the bad news is that you might be facing problems with your wiring somewhere or the photo-eye sensors have been damaged. Sometimes, those homes located in rural areas of Mississauga, can have rodents that chew on wires.

If you are still facing problem with your garage door sensors just give a call to professionals at “Portes Garage Door Repair Mississauga“. We can try to help over the phone or come to fix the garage door Mississauga issues easily.

How Garage Door Openers Add Convenience To Your Life – Portes Garage Door Repair Experts

Garage door has emerged as a great necessity for every home. So, it the most vital part of your residence used to safeguard your vehicles and many other valuable stuffs of your home. Many garage door repair Tri-cities technicians are at your service to take care of this most essential and largest moving part. For reliable and smooth operation of the door, it is crucial to render proper maintenance to its opener. An opener is comprised of many complex components, so it is advised to take professional assistance to deal with any kind of garage door issue. There are several garage door Surrey technicians who are expert in handling any problem related to the door openers.

Garage Door Opener

Operating panel of modern electric openers are featured with lights. Many electric door openers have a feature which lets them close the garage doors automatically when you leave from there. So, door which is featured with electric opener is of great use for those who are forgetful and have tendency to leave the door open. This feature also prevents thieves who can gain access to your house after you leave your house.

Weather Protection

Another great advantage of electric garage door opener is that you can operate it without leaving your car. This feature is of great benefit for homeowners letting them open and close the door again with ease even in rain or freezing weather.

Feature of Vacation Modes

Electric openers also have feature of “vacation mode”. With this feature you are secure especially when you are away from your house for a while. Some functions get disabled or remote controls are disabled when you press the ”vacation mode”. And you can open the door through the control panel only. So, function of the vacation mode button can let you away from your home stress free.

Energy Efficiency

Most people are of opinion that the electric door openers take a toll on the environment. But, the fact is that only a certain amount of energy is used when we open or close the garage doors. And it usually takes around 15 seconds at the most. Also, when we do not make use of door, it does not consume a significant amount of power.

Openers with greatest technology have so many features that make your life to move fast with ease. With a click of button you can make the door to operate accordingly. Also, provide you with weather protection feature which means you do not have to come out of your car to open or close the door in rain or cold weather.

Portes Garage Door Repairs offer a comprehensive range of services including installation, repair and regular maintenance for your residential and commercial garage doors. Our skilled and well advanced technicians are at your service to fix any garage door related issue.