How Can I Prepare My Garage Door for Natural Disasters?

Are you wondering what are the best possible ways to prepare your overhead door for the natural disasters occurring in the city? The professionals at Garage Door Repair Canada have the answers.  Depending on the potential disaster, there are many different approaches for preparing your door.

From hailstorms, earthquakes to hurricanes, natural phenomenons make it necessary to plan ahead of time. It is important to have a knowledge about your local atmosphere, weather and geographical topography to make the best preparation. Additionally, you need to have an understanding of the working of your garage door and its parts. Here is a guide from professionals from Garage Door Repair Canada to help you tighten your seat belts for the worst:

How to Prevent Garage Doors from Natural Disasters

The overhead door have many parts that are vulnerable to damage from natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, torrential rains, etc. The parts of the door such as spring, panels, opener, tracks, and chains are crucial components, the damage to which can stop your door from working.

windload damage hurricane

.  Shield all the crucial parts with protective cover.

.  For moving parts such as chains or tracks, use cardboard panels or clothing to keep the parts firm in one place. During a hurricane or a storm, flying parts can cause damage to your home’s architecture.

.  Thoroughly inspect all of the parts for cracks that may be more vulnerable to damage. These parts suffer the highest damage in disasters like an earthquake.

.  Do not store the disaster supply in the garage. If the door gets faulty during the calamity, it can make the kit inaccessible.

.  Check the door for balance. Unbalanced garage doors can sway in strong winds causing severe damage to the nearby parts attached to the door.

.  Make sure that the door’s cables are firmly attached to the springs. The loose connections cause the door to swing open.

.  Replace the worn out springs immediately. Look for uneven gaps in coils,  bents or nicks.

.  Lubricate all the moving parts except for the belt of the opener.

.  Consider installing fire-resistant door panels that provide good resistance to flames.

.  After a storm, look for damage and undertake necessary repairs. Delaying the repairs can cause irreversible damage to the components.

Undertake Timely Servicing and Maintenance

Hire professionals at Garage Door Repair Canada to get servicing done in a timely manner. Regular maintenance is crucial in making the door cope better with impending disasters. We provide high quality door parts and install doors that are suitable to the city’s changing weather.

Portes Garage Door Repair” provides skilled and well equipped technicians with excellent skills of repairing, maintaining, replacing garage doors and its parts. Our garage door professionals offer you best services regarding all problems related to garage door. Visit us for more information.

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