What is Causing My Garage Door Springs To Break? Learn Essential Tips for Homeowners

If you are wondering what is causing your overhead door’s springs to break, the professionals at Garage door repair Canada think they know why.

Garage Doors are a lot like aging Canadians. Age makes the movement troublesome and cold affects the people as they get older. Lets have a look at the factors that cause your door’s spring(s) to break.


The torsion springs in the modern garage door offer over 90% of the lift needed to raise an overhead door so they are crucial part of the operation and just like a human body; torsion springs wear out over time. You must be thinking how to determine the life of your door’s spring. Well, it depends on how often the door is being used.  An average door opens and closes 3 to 5 times a day, then accordingly they should last between 5 and 10 years. But, if you have a big family or simply an over-active teenager, your torsion springs may not last very long.


Rust is another major cause of failure in the garage door springs, particularly in humid climates. Rust buildup increases coil friction on the moving spring and then there is a corrosive damage caused by rust itself – now you know why your door suffered an early torsion spring failure. A simple preventive maintenance is enough to prevent rust from occurring and increasing the life of your door springs. In every 3 months, spray a light silicone on  the spring to keep it lubricated and prevent harmful rust buildup.

Broken Garage Door Spring


When the weather gets cold, it feels the world has stopped. Our bodies get stiff and we move slower. So does steel. The garage door torsion springs are made of steel, coiled under great pressure in your cold garage. That bang you heard …. yep! That is your spring(s) breaking!

What can I do?

At “Portes Garage Door Repair“, the professionals dealing with garage door repair Canada have addressed these kinds of  issues with superior design and construction. We have heavy-duty springs that have an increased life expectancy as compared to standard springs. We also perform maintenance checks on your garage door springs to eliminate rust and make necessary lubrication. Save on the difficulty and inconvenience of having to replace your worn out springs time and time again, as well as the more frequent service calls to your garage door company. Get springs installed from us and you’ll never regret your decision. Visit us to learn more information.

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