How To Repair a Faulty Garage Door at Home with Simple Tools?

A faulty garage door can make you run late for work. Regular maintenance of the door can prevent such situations. If you are wondering how to repair a faulty garage door at home, the professionals at garage door repair Canada are here to give you some tips.

1. Vacation Switch – Most of the manufacturers in Canada provide the function of a vacation switch in garage door. Check the button to see if it is working or not. This button can be the cause of the problem. They have a purpose to provide security when you are out on holidays. But if it is activated on a regular day, it can cause errors in your normal operations. This function may also interrupt the proper functioning of your remote control. Always disengage this vacation button during regular days of the year.

2. Check Sensor Beam – Overhead door sensors allow your door to operate automatically. They are located near the floor. There are basically two types of sensors – a receiver and an emitter. They have to be in perfect alignment for the operation to perform perfectly. In case they lose their alignment due to misaligned tracks or an obstruction, putting them back in alignment may solve your problem. You can do this by getting rid of the obstruction or aligning the tracks. Check the sensor lens on both sides of your overhead door. If everything looks fine, check the wiring of these sensors.


3. Check Door Sensitivity – The sensitivity of the door is very critical. You can check it by going through the opener settings of the door. If you have some technical know-how, take the door manual and go through its sensitivity settings. Most of the door openers have a sensitivity setting allowing them to be custom set by the user. Set them all over again to make sure the door is properly balanced. Place an object under the door to see if the opener reverses the action or not. If the reverse action is not proper, try increasing the garage door sensitivity. If the door still fails to open properly, it is possible that some other part may be defective.

NOTE: Never set the door to extreme sensitive settings.

4. Miscellaneous settings – If nothing is working, check the door’s emergency release settings. If the opener fails to close the door, pull the red cord near the trolley to activate an emergency release – it will set your garage door to manual settings. Now, it is time you call the professionals at Garage Door Repair Canada for complete repair and servicing.

At “Portes Garage Door Repair” we have garage door repairmen with years of experience in working with all brands and makes of overhead doors. It is in the best interest of the homeowners to trust the professionals at garage door repair Canada for servicing and repair. To learn more information you can click this site.

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