What are the different types of Garage Door Springs as Repaired by Garage Door Repair Canada Experts

Springs are one of the most important moving parts of an overhead door. Regular maintenance and servicing from professionals at garage door repair Canada are crucial to keep the springs in good working conditions.

Almost every home in Canada has a garage. While some homeowners solely use the garages for parking vehicles, others use them as an additional storage space. Whatever the usage is, constant operation often causes garage door springs to wear and tear over time causing jerky movements and abnormal operation. If left neglected, they can break or cause the your overhead door to jam during opening/closing.

Garage door springs are Dangerous

During the opening/closing mechanism of the door, springs go through a lot of rotation and de-rotation causing a high amount of torque to flow through them. This causes extreme tension in the springs during the operation. A little tension still remains even after the door has been closed. So, it becomes important to handle them with care as it is possible for them to snap back. The from broken garage door spring blow can be dangerous to the user.

Therefore, if you are wondering, “How to replace garage door springs at home,” we recommend you to hold that thought! Considering the spring replacement as a DIY project can be fatal to the user.

Types of Garage Door Springs

The springs of an overhead door can be classified into two types:

.  Torsion Springs
.  Extension Springs


Torsion Springs

These type of springs are popularly used in the sectional garage doors. Here, the door opens when the sections fold up. The springs are positioned above the door and run along the length of the ceiling. Single door overhead doors have only one torsion spring, whereas double door overhead doors employ two torsion springs for garage door. The efficiency of the torsion springs increase when they are operated on high tension levels. Therefore, it is important to handle them carefully to avoid any fatal injury.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are used in tilt-up doors for opening and closing mechanism. These single piece doors move entirely during their operation. Typically, wooden garages use extension springs. Like sectional doors, they also operate under high tension. So, servicing them at home is not recommended. If you are facing problems with extension springs, call professionals at garage door repair Canada now.

Torque Master (Wayne-Dalton)

A leading garage door brand called Wayne-Dalton developed this spring mechanism. A galvanized steel tube is used to house the spring. Torsion springs are located on both the sides of the torsion rod. The winding action allows a faster and a safer garage door operation. This system is not noisy as compared to its counterparts.

Steel Rolling Door Torsion Springs

These garage door springs are mostly preferred in commercial buildings. They are available in different sizes, and the right one is determined on the basis of weight and size of the overhead door. A torsion spring is housed inside a torsion barrel which supports the rolling door.

At “Portes Garage Door Repair” the professionals are skilled in Garage Door Repair Canada for all types of springs. For top-notch services free to call us now!

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