How To Repair a Faulty Garage Door at Home with Simple Tools?

A faulty garage door can make you run late for work. Regular maintenance of the door can prevent such situations. If you are wondering how to repair a faulty garage door at home, the professionals at garage door repair Canada are here to give you some tips.

1. Vacation Switch – Most of the manufacturers in Canada provide the function of a vacation switch in garage door. Check the button to see if it is working or not. This button can be the cause of the problem. They have a purpose to provide security when you are out on holidays. But if it is activated on a regular day, it can cause errors in your normal operations. This function may also interrupt the proper functioning of your remote control. Always disengage this vacation button during regular days of the year.

2. Check Sensor Beam – Overhead door sensors allow your door to operate automatically. They are located near the floor. There are basically two types of sensors – a receiver and an emitter. They have to be in perfect alignment for the operation to perform perfectly. In case they lose their alignment due to misaligned tracks or an obstruction, putting them back in alignment may solve your problem. You can do this by getting rid of the obstruction or aligning the tracks. Check the sensor lens on both sides of your overhead door. If everything looks fine, check the wiring of these sensors.


3. Check Door Sensitivity – The sensitivity of the door is very critical. You can check it by going through the opener settings of the door. If you have some technical know-how, take the door manual and go through its sensitivity settings. Most of the door openers have a sensitivity setting allowing them to be custom set by the user. Set them all over again to make sure the door is properly balanced. Place an object under the door to see if the opener reverses the action or not. If the reverse action is not proper, try increasing the garage door sensitivity. If the door still fails to open properly, it is possible that some other part may be defective.

NOTE: Never set the door to extreme sensitive settings.

4. Miscellaneous settings – If nothing is working, check the door’s emergency release settings. If the opener fails to close the door, pull the red cord near the trolley to activate an emergency release – it will set your garage door to manual settings. Now, it is time you call the professionals at Garage Door Repair Canada for complete repair and servicing.

At “Portes Garage Door Repair” we have garage door repairmen with years of experience in working with all brands and makes of overhead doors. It is in the best interest of the homeowners to trust the professionals at garage door repair Canada for servicing and repair. To learn more information you can click this site.

Tips to Buy A New Garage Door from Garage Door Repair Canada Professionals

Garage door installation is an integral part of Canadian homes. When a door rattles, grinds or squeaks, you know it is time to install a new one. The companies dealing with Garage Door Repair Canada have many options of door available with them, but buying a new door isn’t as easy as it may sound. From panel options to design styles, making the right choice can be quite difficult. Here is a guide for “how to buy a new garage door?”

Which material is best for garage doors?

When it comes to the materials for the overhead doors, the choice entirely depends upon the usage and looks. Here are some options to help you get started:

Steel – Steel is the most common material for the construction of the overhead doors. It is sturdy, low maintenance, low cost and high in durability. Steel doors can be used to mimic any pattern for an enhanced design. You can choose from wood grain design, wallpaper design to simple polished look. Modern steel overhead doors are light-weight as well. There are many drawbacks to doors made of steel – poor insulation being one of them. So, there are chances for you to spend money on the heating and cooling costs. Also, their repair cost is slightly higher than its counterparts. There are various gauges of steel making a wide variety of steel garage doors available. Usually, a 24 gauge steel is the right fit for most garages in Canada.


Aluminum – Aluminum is lighter in weight as compared to steel. It also offers the same sturdiness and durability but with lesser weight. This is a great advantage because then you will need to install a low power opener. A very high power opener is not needed to lift the door. The only drawback is that being light-weighted the door is vulnerable to dings, dents and damage. When it comes to design, you again have many choices.

Wood – The charm, grace and rich aroma of a wood cannot be compared to any metal. If maintained well, these doors can last a for a very long time. The company dealing with Garage Door Repair Canada offers a lot of options for traditional wooden doors. They can be perfect complement to the architecture of your home. But like all other materials, wood also has some disadvantages. First being very costly. It can be expensive to install a wooden garage door. Second, it needs to be regularly maintained through polishing and painting.

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial garage doors, you have to look for various features. Make sure to give importance to security features as well. At “Portes Garage Door Repair“, we the right professionals of Garage door repair Canada helping you select a door that complements your home’s architecture as well as provides safety. We will also visit your property and install the door effectively. Browse our website to view our products.

A Safety Guide From Professionals in Garage Door Repair Canada Arena

The Canadian garage door market contains a huge variety of models based on style, color and usage. The choice is so huge that as a homeowner you will be overwhelmed with options of overhead garage doors. Deciding to purchase a door from a company dealing with Garage Door Repair Canada is more than just adding an aesthetic attribute to your home. No doubt the look of the door is important, but the functionality, materials and safety features should also be given a due consideration.

Another deciding factor should be the architecture relevance of the door of your choice with the architecture of your home. They should not stand out in such a way that they fail to look a part of your home.

Which is the best Garage Door Service in Canada?

It is very easy to purchase a commercial garage door. The functionality is usually given the prime consideration here. But when it comes to your home, the aesthetics, security, and architectural relevance should all be considered as deciding factors. Once you decide the overhead door model, the design choices become easy.  From Spanish-style home, Tudor-style carriage house to a century farmhouse, you can get any style of door installed from a  company dealing with Garage door repair Canada.

Garage Door Safety Guide

There are various steps one should take to ensure that the safety of their family is not compromised by a faulty overhead door. Here is a safety guide to help you get started:

Garage Door Repairs

.  The control buttons should be located in such a place that they are out of reach of children. Consider locating them at a height of 5 feet above the ground.
.  Installing grilles inside the overhead door’s window is another safety feature. Steel rods as grilles will prevent the burglars to break-in from the frames.
.  Keep garage door remote controls away from children.
.  Check the garage door panels, screws, springs and hinges for proper movement. In case the components needs a repair, call the professionals.
.  Learn about the emergency garage door repair features from the owner’s manual. Check these operations regularly to ensure they are functioning well.
.  Inspect the door properly at least once in a month. Look for signs of wear and tear in the springs, cables, pulleys and rollers. Do not try to repair these components at home.
.  The springs of the door are operated at very high tension. So, do not try to remove them on your own. Call a garage door repairman to make necessary repairs and adjustments.
.  Lubricate the moving parts of the door regularly, such as the tracks and ball bearings as well as the chain.

Garage door Repair Canada should only be performed by trained technicians. So, feel free to call to take care of the installation, repair and service of your door at affordable prices.

What are the different types of Garage Door Springs as Repaired by Garage Door Repair Canada Experts

Springs are one of the most important moving parts of an overhead door. Regular maintenance and servicing from professionals at garage door repair Canada are crucial to keep the springs in good working conditions.

Almost every home in Canada has a garage. While some homeowners solely use the garages for parking vehicles, others use them as an additional storage space. Whatever the usage is, constant operation often causes garage door springs to wear and tear over time causing jerky movements and abnormal operation. If left neglected, they can break or cause the your overhead door to jam during opening/closing.

Garage door springs are Dangerous

During the opening/closing mechanism of the door, springs go through a lot of rotation and de-rotation causing a high amount of torque to flow through them. This causes extreme tension in the springs during the operation. A little tension still remains even after the door has been closed. So, it becomes important to handle them with care as it is possible for them to snap back. The from broken garage door spring blow can be dangerous to the user.

Therefore, if you are wondering, “How to replace garage door springs at home,” we recommend you to hold that thought! Considering the spring replacement as a DIY project can be fatal to the user.

Types of Garage Door Springs

The springs of an overhead door can be classified into two types:

.  Torsion Springs
.  Extension Springs


Torsion Springs

These type of springs are popularly used in the sectional garage doors. Here, the door opens when the sections fold up. The springs are positioned above the door and run along the length of the ceiling. Single door overhead doors have only one torsion spring, whereas double door overhead doors employ two torsion springs for garage door. The efficiency of the torsion springs increase when they are operated on high tension levels. Therefore, it is important to handle them carefully to avoid any fatal injury.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are used in tilt-up doors for opening and closing mechanism. These single piece doors move entirely during their operation. Typically, wooden garages use extension springs. Like sectional doors, they also operate under high tension. So, servicing them at home is not recommended. If you are facing problems with extension springs, call professionals at garage door repair Canada now.

Torque Master (Wayne-Dalton)

A leading garage door brand called Wayne-Dalton developed this spring mechanism. A galvanized steel tube is used to house the spring. Torsion springs are located on both the sides of the torsion rod. The winding action allows a faster and a safer garage door operation. This system is not noisy as compared to its counterparts.

Steel Rolling Door Torsion Springs

These garage door springs are mostly preferred in commercial buildings. They are available in different sizes, and the right one is determined on the basis of weight and size of the overhead door. A torsion spring is housed inside a torsion barrel which supports the rolling door.

At “Portes Garage Door Repair” the professionals are skilled in Garage Door Repair Canada for all types of springs. For top-notch services free to call us now!

How Should I Maintain My Garage Door? Tips from Garage Door Repair Canada Professionals

Now that Canadian winters are almost here, most homeowners will have a common question, “How Should I maintain my Garage door?” Various professionals of garage door repair Canada have some useful tips for you to keep your overhead garage door working efficiently and effectively. It is important to inspect all the parts for maximum performance. Follow these steps for Do-it-yourself (DIY) garage door repair to prevent the winter chills take a toll on your door.

Exterior Inspection and Repair: Start by doing a visual inspection of the exterior. Look for any signs of wear and tear. Then proceed to the cleaning process. In case you have a steel overhead door, remove the rust signs during the overhead door track cleaning. Since it is cold outside, use a soft cloth/wipe/sponge to clean the door. There’s no need to spray water.

Interior and Bottom of the Door: The bottom of the door is more prone to problems associated with the accumelation of dirt/dust. Simply use a wet rag to clean the bottom of the overhead door. In case the debris accumulate under the bottom seal of garage door, it will cause obstructions in the sensor, further causing problems in opening/closing mechanism. If the bottom seal is old, it is better to replace it. Make sure to use the right kind of seal from the original manufacturer. Buy original parts and components from the official website of the retailer.

commercial-doorsGarage Door Hardware: Maintenance is crucial to keep your door working in a good condition and allow it to deliver the best performance. Now that winters are here, lubricating the garage door panels and accessories is an important garage door maintenance activity to provide a suitable sliding power to it. Take the right oil or grease as recommended by the manufacturer and gently apply it to the parts. Avoid using the WD-40 oil as it can cause the dust to stick to the moving parts.

Do not forget to oil the the torsion springs and spring coils for a smooth operation. Roller bearings and hinges of overhead garage door should also be well-oiled too. Next, you can lubricate virtually every moving part in your garage. But DO NOT oil your garage door belt. Since this belt is not made of metal, it does not cause much friction. If you spot any other movable parts in your door which you believe are lacking friction and causing abnormal operation, make sure to apply the oil there as well.

Hopefully, these tips will help the homeowners in Canada to keep their garage doors in good working conditions during wintertime. While inspection, if you spot any abnormality in the door, call the professionals at Garage Door Repair Canada immediately. At, we provide 24-hour emergency garage door services. Feel free to call us for inspection and repair solutions.

How Can I Repair My Garage Door At Home?

Most homeowners neglect their garage door repair Canada needs for years. Their importance as a home’s component is only realized after they break down or develop problems.

Daily wear and tear, harsh climatic conditions in Canada and human errors are few of the reasons that can take a toll on the performance of an overhead door. There are many preventive steps that homeowners can take to keep such problems at bay.

If you are wondering “How to repair garage door at home”, have a look at some helpful tips that can help you save a good amount of money and good amount of frustrations, too.

Garage Door Masonry

.  First, check the problems in the foundation. See if you can find any cracks at the bottom of your overhead door. Fix these cracks by adding concrete. Cinder blocks can also help fill these cracks.

.  With the same concrete, try filling other cracks in floor.

.  Next, make sure that the track of the door is properly attached to the floor. It must be aligned as well.

Garage Door SafetyGarage Door Panels

.  Garage door panels Canada are most vulnerable to wear and tear. The harsh weather of the country and regular operation cause cause them to malfunction. Look for general damage to the

.  visual appearance of the overhead door panels.

.  Look for other signs of damage such as gouges, dents and broken panels. Metal doors are more prone to damage. Rusted and rotten panels can be easily spotted.

.  If you spot any holes in the panels, repair them by placing small metal pieces in the front or behind the door. Bolts and welding will attach these metal plates together.

.  Aluminum panels are light weight. Use these lighter alternatives to replace steel garage door panels.

.  For wooden doors, use wood filler to repair the panels. Make sure to paint the wooden overhead doors and keep them polished to avoid the general wood issues.

Garage Door Tracking

The sensors of your door should always have be properly aligned. You can locate these beam-emitting sensors at the top and bottom of your garage door. This beam plays an important role in determining the opening and closing action of the door. Any sort of obstruction or misalignment can cause an abnormal operation in this beam. A scale can be used to ensure the beam is not interrupted.

Garage door opener is the most crucial component. It give the door a power to operate. It is natural for its weight lifting capability to wear over time. Openers with DC motor are becoming top Canadian choice when it comes to smooth and silent operation.

Garage door repair Canada professionals recommend regular repair and maintenance to have a door that performs to its fullest potential. In case, all these D-I-Y repairs for garage door fail, feel free to give the professionals at “Portes Garage Door Repairs” a phone call. We can try to assist you on phone, or can visit for a thorough inspection.

How To Buy Garage Door Openers – A Guide from Garage Door Repair Mississauga Experts


Most homeowners in Mississauga, sooner or later, will find the need to buy new door openers. There is a lot of information on the web about dozens of companies dealing with Garage Door Repair Mississauga, ON, selling different kinds of garage door openers and accessories. When it comes to fix your garage door, the onus is on the owner as well as the repairman. But in this clutter, how can a homeowner make sure that he or she has the right information and products? Here is some information to help you get started:

Residential Garage Door Openers

Every resident in Mississauga knows about important it is to buy the right kind of openers for their overhead doors. There are many brands offering these devices with good features blended with great efficiency. Choose models according to the door’s weight and horsepower requirements. For city residents, it is also important to choose an opener that can withstand heavy usage and harsh weather conditions. Liftmaster Garage Door Opener is one of the most reliable brands to answer the question “which is the best garage door opener?”

Lets have a look at various types of openers in the market:

1. Belt Drive Systems

These are popular for their quiet operation. They are great for residential purposes. They have a DC motor that offers smooth running operation. The rubber belt ensures that the door does not make any noise during opening and closing. So, in case, you are wondering why is my garage door noisy, it is because it needs a belt drive system.
Did I mention, it has a remote operation that allows owners to operate their door from anywhere in the city?

2. Screw Drive Openers

These are suitable for mild extreme climates, such as in Greater Toronto area. Screw-drive openers also offer a quiet operation and a smooth motor. If your garage door stops half way, there could be a problem in the repair. During replacement, insist on genuine spares of garage doors.

3. Chain Driven Openers

These openers are the most popular among homeowners. But they carry only one disadvantage. They are quite noisy during the opening and closing operation. The metal chain in its operation makes a lot of disturbance. But if you are looking for cheap garage door openers, these are the best choice for residential purposes. There are many automatic openers available at a low cost.

4. Programming the Openers

Most of the professionals at garage door Mississauga will perform the opener programming along with installation of the door. But if you want to install garage door openers at home, you can read the instructions in the manual and set your own preferences. You can very well change the opening and closing time, security settings, the speed of operation and passwords

5. Getting Technical Support

Overhead door openers can be quiet confusing to install or repair. So, it is important that garage door repair Mississauga professionals should be called to be on the safer side. At “Portes Garage Door Repair Mississauga” we have an experience to back up our skills. You can visit our website to buy residential garage doors online or watch openers, springs and cables in action.

Why My Garage Door Won’t go down? Tricky Questions Answered by Garage Door Repair Mississauga Pros

A very common question is “How do I get my garage door opener to start working again?”  Local residents often look for help from Garage Door Repair Mississauga but before calling a professional, homeowners can follow these useful steps when they have in their mind “how to fix overhead door at home.” The city’s changing temperatures that could cause the overhead door to malfunction during certain seasons of the year.

Photo-eye sensors – Your Door’s Mechanical Eyes

When it comes to overhead doors, one of the most common problems homeowners face in Mississauga is photo-eye sensor related. You may be asking what are the photo-eye sensors? In simple words they are two “eyes” located on the bottom of your door. One device shoots an invisible beam that points into the optical receiver to the opposite side of that opening. These devices are helpful in preventing your child, pet or a careless driver from being crushed by the door in operation and become active when anything creates an obstruction. Whenever there is an obstruction, it breaks the circuit which tells the operator that the garage door is not closing or that it must roll back up to prevent damage to the obstruction.

Side-by-side Comparison of Garage Door Models Reveals Differences

If you are thinking, how to measure torsion springs, then it is best o consult the pros. Professionals who do repair of all types of garage door issues such as off-track doors, broken springs and cables, often suggest some simple DIY tips to ensure proper maintenance. Jammed doors and replacement panels often lead to ineffective operation.

broken_garageCarriage style design doors and French style doors also create problems if the tracks are not well lubricated. Those who install industrial garage doors for commercial purposes often face this task of lubrication since height of installation is more. Commercial steel doors and rolling steel garage doors are often affected. Jackshaft openers, hoist openers and chain drive openers provide adequate time for annual delay in any maintenance on part of the owner. Some of the major brands customers can choose from includes LiftMaster, Genie, CHI, Wayne Dalton and more.

For solving this problem, you have to locate the two photo-eye sensor devices, then check if each one has a working LED light. You may notice that one is lit and the other one is off. Now what does this possibly mean? It means you try adjusting the sensor height by moving it with using your hands as it may have lost its direct alignment. They may have lost their alignment with the vibration of the door over time. Moving the sensor should make the light go from off to bold. Try running the door and it should very well work! The other problem with sensors is that they often catch dirt. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you vacuumed your garage and made your sensor lenses clean? If aligning the sensors did not help, make sure the lenses are free of any dirt. If you are still facing problems, check the wires to make sure they are not pinched, ripped or clipped. Fixing a wire is something most people can perform.

Hope these DIY methods have solved the question “why my garage door opener will not go down?”

Still not fixed?

If all the above D-I-Y methods have failed, the bad news is that you might be facing problems with your wiring somewhere or the photo-eye sensors have been damaged. Sometimes, those homes located in rural areas of Mississauga, can have rodents that chew on wires.

If you are still facing problem with your garage door sensors just give a call to professionals at “Portes Garage Door Repair Mississauga“. We can try to help over the phone or come to fix the garage door Mississauga issues easily.